The ultimate purpose of First Baptist Church is to glorify GOD. To accomplish this purpose, the church is committed to the work of the Great Commission: the making and maturing of disciples of Jesus Christ who are growing in Christ-likeness. For these ends, the church will diligently engage in evangelism (seeking the salvation of the lost through the preaching of the Gospel and personal witnessing), edification (strengthening believers through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word), fellowship (the mutual care of believers in the context of biblically loving relationships), and worship (showing the greatness and goodness of GOD both corporately in regular public services and personally in individual spiritual service). In doing so, the church will maintain a compassionate spirit toward the unsaved at home and around the world while promoting a high moral standard in the community and society at large.

For more information read our Confession of Faith.

We are located at 206 E. Main Street Brownsdale, MN 55918